1. Had the pleasure if sitting in with the Tom Curren Band last night @harrahssocal Tom rocked the joint!!! @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @surfingmagazine photo @ethansherman75 @taj.sherman (at Harrahs Rincon)

  2. My two friends @donavon_frankenreiter and Tom Curren are playing tonight (July 26th .)at Harrahs Resort in Valley Center. I just saw Tom play’in Jeffery’s Bay , and he was incredible !! Show starts at 8., I might even sit in for. Few numbers with Tom! @harrahssocal @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @surfingmagazine (at In the 007)

  3. My little man @ethansherman75 got nice gift from the J-bay comp from dad, and @mfanno . He signed it” Hey Ethan, We Won!! Ethan’s a huge Mick fan.. So am I @nursejayne @taj.sherman @tscafe271 @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at In the 007)

  4. Not only was my friend, the late, great Jigga Johnson a beautiful human being, skater, surfer, surfboard craftsmen . He was a incredible artist. His all time sense if humor drips all over these art pieces. His wife @heatherjomj and their boys Kai and Che have created a Facebook page to pick some art up. I miss my ” brother from another ” dearly… See the Lonely Arts Club-Artworks by Jigga Johnson Facebook page. @mfanno @dhdsurf @kaitoa_j @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable #vivajigga (at Tugan”Gods Country”)

  5. My last wave in Jeffery’s Baii South Africa .. I went to the

    Mecca, and worshiped!! @taj.sherman @ethansherman75 @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable photo @djstruntzphoto (at Supertubes Jeffreys Bay)

  6. Occy and Tom portrait .. J-Bay 2014 @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at Supertubes Jeffreys Bay)

  7. Occy !! Day of Dreams ..J-Bay 2014 @komunityproject @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at Supertubes Jeffreys Bay)

  8. Tom Curren.. Day of Dreams.. J-Bay 2014 @cisurfboards @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at Supertubes Jeffreys Bay)

  9. @mfanno wins J~Bay open!! @ethansherman75 @taj.sherman @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable

  10. Game on for the coolie kid!!! @mfanno @joelparko @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @ethansherman75 @taj.sherman (at Jeffreys Baai)