1. One of the last things I did in Oz was to drop off @ethan_sherman1 ‘s painting he made for #goodhumanparty member @mfanno . Mick loved it, and said it was going in his trophy room!!! @taj_sherman @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #space2play (at House of Fanning)

  2. One of my bro @jiggyjohnson with another one of my bros @kellyslater Shot last year at @sammymunro ‘s 21 st. Birthday party.. At this point Jig texts @heatherjomj and say’s “yeeeah, me and Shermo are just hangin w here with Kelly ” She texted back “no way !!” So we sent her this!!!. @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #space2play #vivajigga (at Casa De Munro)

  3. Me, @heatherjomj , Kai , and Che had a great afternoon ramping up Jigga’s gravesite .. New grass, and some pool coping (Jig loved to grind!!!)with some text(VIva Jigga!!!) did the trick… @dhdsurf (at Robina Graveyard)

  4. Self portrait after a great day surfing multiple Goldy points.0verhead , and firing!! Total me day.. . I really love this place.. Sand point tubes at low tide . Mmmmm!!! @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #space2play @tscafe271 @taj_sherman @ethan_sherman1 (at Casa De Munro)

  5. @gabrialmedina wins the #quikpro !!! @surfingmagazine @asp @sanukfootwear #space2play (at Snapper Rocks Beach)

  6. @joelparko pre final. #quikpro @surfingmagazine @asp @sanukfootwear #space2play @tscafe271 @olloclip (at The Quiksilver Pro)

  7. @gabrialmedina pre final. #quikpro @surfingmagazine @asp. @sanukfootwear #space2play (at The Quiksilver Pro)

  8. @stephaniegilmore wins the #roxypro!!! @surfingmagazine @asp @sanukfootwear #space2play @tscafe271 @olloclip (at The Quiksilver Pro)

  9. @mfanno and @kellyslater talking conditions at the #quikpro @surfingmagazine @asp. #prosurftourfan @sanukfootwear #space2play @tscafe271 @olloclip @komunityproject (at The Quiksilver Pro)

  10. @kellyslater and @thomasvictorcarroll having a bit of fun before K’s heat with @nat_young at the #quikpro @surfingmagazine @asp @sanukfootwear #space2play @tscafe271 @olloclip @komunityproject (at The Quiksilver Pro)