1. Me at Box Canyon La Costa, doing my best Jay Adams influenced Bert!! Summer of 1977 photo: Jin Goodrich #surfskaterelate @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @nursejayne (at Black Hills of La Costa)

  2. @taj.sherman gets his second fumble recovery of the day!!! @peterjohnjasienski @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @jimmicane @petertaras @nursejayne (at La Costa Canyon High School)

  3. @taj.sherman and his fellow Mavricks team captains walk on the field for the pre game coin toss . @peterjohnjasienski #nikefootball @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @jimmicane @petertaras @tonyapolloperez @nursejayne @tscafe271 (at La Costa Canyon High School)

  4. @ethansherman75 gets ready for a Cotillion dance at the Del Mar Fairgrounds… @taj.sherman @nursejayne @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at In the 007)

  5. Mavricks beat El Camino 42 to 3!!!#7 @taj.sherman had double digit tackles!!! One of his best games ever… #prouddad @nursejayne @ethansherman75 @jimmicane @tonyapolloperez @petertaras (at La Costa Canyon HS Football Stadium)

  6. @taj.sherman preps for La Costa Canyon Mavricks home coming game against El Camino this afternoon .. @peterjohnjasienski @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @tonyapolloperez @petertaras @jimmicane (at La Costa Canyon HS Football Stadium)

  7. Still life…. @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @brixton @raen #eddievedder (at Seaside Reef)

  8. This shot I took of my friend @kellyslater during the #hurleypro really moves me, and makes me me wanna go surf.. In essence what a surf shot is supposed to do. @outerknown @surfingmagazine @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable @cisurfboards #gosuperK!! #gameon (at In the 007)

  9. Not only is @m_mcnaught a #prosurftourfan , he’s head of sales, and works with the design division on our line . Marks a iconic character who’s worked in the surf industry for over 35 years. Were super stoked to have on board!!! @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable (at In the 007)

  10. I’m jumping for joy over the prospects of a surf filled weekend !!! Photo @kevinroche @sanukfootwear #neveruncomfortable #cassiusshoes #seasidemob @coastline_magazine @sunnycsider @resincraft (at Seaside Reef)